About Me


I have been happily involved in real estate investing and house flipping for 17 years. Because I performed the construction of each remodel project myself, I have the ability to see the soul of a house and envision its potential. I very skilled in marketing, having been a film and video producer since 2008. I have won 11 awards around the world for my documentaries, and numerous awards for commercials. I know how to bring out the best in a home thru staging, print, photography and video to get properties sold for top dollar.

I have excellent networking skills and have a vast network of friends and associates around the globe. I am from Southern California but have been living in the Pacific Northwest for 20 years now, 17 of those in Lake Oswego. My degree is in International Affairs and languages, and I worked and studied in London, Angers (France), and Bologna (Italy). I speak Italian well, and also studied Spanish and French. I love traveling and exploring, and am constantly learning new things. Yoga, kayaking, SUP, rock climbing, wine tasting and gourmet vegan cooking are my hobbies.